Sunday, November 7, 2010

It's Not About You

Recently, I was speaking with my mentor-coach about my frustration and insecurity concerning my coaching clients. She reminded me about one of the cornerstones of effective, empathic coaching: It’s not about you; it’s about your client.

Also, she said what might be troubling me about my coaching clients often has nothing directly to do with me. Rather, my inferred interpersonal conflicts are reflective of how my clients usually interact with everyone they encounter. Again, it’s not about me.

Her coaching words of wisdom gave me much comfort about my coaching engagements and my social interactions, in general. This led me to ponder how this process unfolds, in a more universal sense. Below, is my poetic effort to illuminate my thoughts.

It's Not About You

When your clients bail
And drift away
And your practice is sunk
Because no one paid
It’s not about you

If all the notions you
Once held true
Danced in circles and
Ridiculed you
It’s not about you

If your world is wounded
And drenched in pain
You mourn your memories
Seeing them slain
It’s not about you

Your dreams are light
They glide on air
Then you pull the chord
The chute’s not there
It’s not about you

If your fortune comes
And goes in a day
Please unload your gun
And lock it away
It’s not about you

As a blind beggar steals
Your last dime
You’re frozen in fright
Sculpted in time
It’s not about you

Remember if your glory
Were to rise again
Your heart may retreat
My rebel friend
It’s not about you

If you discover you’re
Released at last
Forget your fondness
Of a fallow past
It’s not about you

Quitting your quest for
Wealth and fame
Deaf to followers who
Chant your name
It’s not about you

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